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Dr. Mikko A. Uusitalo

Research Leader, 5G
Nokia Technologies

Mikko A. Uusitalo is Research Leader at Nokia Technologies in the area of 5G. Currently Mikko is also WP5 spectrum leader in METIS. He obtained a M.Sc. (Eng) and Dr.Tech. from Helsinki University of Technology in 1993 and 1997 and a B.Sc. (Economics) from Helsinki School of Economics in 2003 (Both of these currently known as Aalto University). Mikko has been at Nokia since 2000 with various roles, including Principal Researcher and Head of International Cooperation at Nokia Research.

In 2001 Mikko was project manager of Wireless Strategic Initiative that gave birth to the WWRF, a new type of successful cooperation between and within industry and academia in the area of identifying research topics and cooperation in wireless communications. Mikko was elected as chair of WWRF for the years 2004-2006. Mikko is also a founding member of the CELTIC EUREKA initiative. Mikko is a Senior Member of IEEE.

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